​​​​​The Collective for Orphan Care and Education

What We Know


Kenya is a developing sub-Saharan African nation impacted by poverty and disease, including HIV/AIDS.  HIV/AIDS continues to have a devastating effect on the lives of youth, many of whom have lost parents and loved ones to the disease.  Rural youth, including those orphaned by AIDS, face various challenges including:  inadequate nutrition and health care, lack of access to quality education, and risk of exposure to HIV. In a similar vein, women struggle with many cultural and social barriers to success such as domestic violence, sexual assault, child marriage, and patriarchal notions of gender roles. Thus, the focus of our work is to utilize a community-driven strength-based approach to:  holistically meet the complex needs of local women and children; expand their educational opportunities; provide access to comprehensive health information and therapeutic interventions; and increase recreational and vocational opportunities to empower community members to lead healthy, successful lives.

Neither Kenya nor the rest of the world can afford for the potential of an entire generation of youth to be undermined by poverty, lack of education, violence and disease.  We strive to empower vulnerable members of the community to adopt the skills and talents that their communities - and our world - desperately need.​​